“People dive headfirst into get into the garbage with their heads in the hope of finding something beautiful”

Series of works “Imprint”

At the intersection of art and electronic waste recycling

Every time we press the keyboard button, we create our own history, our own world, and change our destinies. Used keyboard buttons
contain the memory of thousands of hands that have touched them. The works of the Imprint series do not contain a single thread of narrative,
but each canvas carries a symbol that tells a story. Anastasia’s works are three-dimensional paintings in which everyone will see their own meaning.
In her work, the artist adheres to certain principles – to use only the original colors of the keys. Special preference is given to keys having the marks of time and interaction with a person: scuffs, completely erased and drawn with a marker or pen signs. The classic mechanical keyboard perfectly meets this requirement – devices are purchased from companies that recycle equipment, at sales of used items, and just from warmhearted people who are ready to get rid of unnecessary things. However, there are also keys from laptops purchased on radio markets, as well as keys from apple equipment provided by the apple device repair service.
Of particular significance is the fact that the keyboards collected by the artist have a different origin and a unique history.
Upon closer inspection, particularly attentive viewers can find hidden messages related to the philosophical content in Anastasia’s works.